Marco Bicego

Exclusive to Fecarotta Jewelry, the new Marco Bicego brand. The perfect way to get noticed.

Marco Bicego. Drops of radiance. Refined and seductive jewelry that illuminates the face thanks to the beauty of natural gems and diamonds, expertly combined with the warm tones of gold.


Inspired by faraway landscapes, the Africa collection hints at desert atmospheres and magical starry nights. The 18-karat yellow gold boules that identify this collection are finely hand-engraved using the ancient millerighe burin technique, for an effect of extraordinary luster and silkiness to the touch.


Sharp, contemporary traits define the Goa collection, which draws inspiration from the allure of the white beaches of the Indian Ocean. The collection is an expression of timeless design and utmost attention to detail, values that distinguish the brand. The allure of 18-karat gold and the elegance of diamonds in different carats create modern, bold shapes that give life to jewelry with an unmistakable style, created through the exclusive craftsmanship of coil, one of the brand’s hallmarks.

Jaipur Colour

Inspired by the Pink City in northern India, the Jaipur Colour collection combines the most exquisite craftsmanship with superior quality natural gemstones of the most extraordinary range of colors and the typical rosette cut. It is a tribute to the radiant beauty of gemstones in all their fabulous charge of light and color. The natural gems come fromJaipur, the capital of Rajasthan famous for its rose quartzite buildings. Here, the process of cutting the stones has been perfected over the centuries by skilled engravers, skilled in finding the ideal cut that can maximize the uniqueness, beauty and light of each stone.


A reinterpretation of the classic chain, revisited in a contemporary key for timeless style. Jaipur Link is a succession of circular ring elements, hooked together in a three-dimensional play of extraordinary volumes, creating an irregular chain with sophisticated elegance. In this line, too, the yellow gold is strictly 18-karat, finely hand-engraved with the ancient burin technique that gives the surfaces an irregular, satin finish that is extraordinarily contemporary.


One of the brand’s most distinctive collections, Lunaria draws inspiration from the beauty of nature’s forms to offer a clean, essential design with great appeal. The absolute protagonist is 18-karat yellow gold: delicately hand-engraved and shaped into light leaves framed by a thin thread of contrasting polished gold, reminiscent of the Balkan plant from which the collection takes its name.


The Marrakech Collection. The modular, lightweight weave acquires a soft, sensual movement reminiscent of the sand dunes of the African desert, all different though equally shaped by the wind, each able to reflect the sunlight in surprising ways.


Inspired by the art and tradition of the legendary African people, the MASAI collection is distinguished by a rigorous, clean and elegant style that never ceases to amaze in its essentiality. The secret lies in the coil, the exclusive handcrafted twisted wire that is one of the brand’s hallmarks, enriched with pavé brilliant-cut diamonds.


The SIVIGLIA collection is a tribute to Andalusian culture and is inspired by the nuances and traditions of this magical city. Thin chains of 18-carat yellow gold interspersed with small baroque ovalines, hand-engraved and sometimes embellished with pavé diamonds. Overall, the design is essential and delicate, but it is made special by the irregular and deliberately imperfect shapes of the ovalines and the velvety reflections of the hand-engraved yellow gold, which restores an infinite modulation of light and tone.

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