Watch Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze – Unmistakable retro style

The accessory of the moment is for the man, first and foremost personal and unique, which is why Hamilton has created the iconic Khaki Field Mechanical in bronze, generating endless natural tones for the wearer.

The military style, with its strong character and promise to overcome many adventures, is combined with an elegant essence given by the choice of this particular metal alloy, bronze! And it is precisely the physical characteristic of this metal that gives this watch its added value, the patina that settles over time and changes depending on the latitude where it is worn and the owner’s use of the watch. The trend for 2022 is to own a watch that is different from all others, to wear something truly unique, and this Hamilton can truly be said to change in an unmistakable way once worn on the wrist.

Added to all this is the retro charm that evokes the fantastic adventures of the Nautilus, which travelled the 20,000 leagues in the depths of the sea, thanks to the gleaming bronze from which it was made, particularly resistant to saltwater aggression.

Close to the style that Hamilton identified for watches produced for the US, British and other military forces during the 20th century, the new Khaki Field Mechanical is notable for the warmth expressed by its bronze case. The high-quality leather strap gives the finish a sporty yet classy feel; the watch has a black dial with ultra-readable luminescent 24-hour indices and hands also in bronze tones to recall the natural hues of a sunset.

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Guadagna la tua patina!

The case of these watches is therefore made of an alloy consisting mainly of copper, which, due to oxidation, i.e. the chemical reaction with oxygen, over the years forms a fascinating patina that makes the watch unique.

What is most surprising is the effect given by the ever-changing hue depending on the environment in which the timepiece is kept. Sometimes the patina tends towards reddish-brown, sometimes it shows green, grey or blue reflections.
It is a type of oxidation known as ‘noble’, because it is uniform, ripple-free and smooth, and somehow also has a protective function: each patina on this Hamilton is a unique character that is constantly changing, evolving and transforming your watch into a unique specimen.

Khaki Field Mechanical hand-wound

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The Khaki Field Mechanical Bronze case: what catches the eye of enthusiasts

The watch case is commonly made of steel, because it is stainless and very resistant to shocks and scratches, less often than precious metals (gold or silver or titanium) for obvious reasons of cost, resin is also used in professional watches, and bronze has made inroads into the world of hands.
A binary alloy that has been used since antiquity to the extent that it gave its name to the Age of the same name, it is easy to produce and has a lower melting point than steel. Bronze is much more resistant to corrosion, although it is less hard. A minimal amount of phosphorus, from 0.01 to 0.4%, is therefore added to impart additional hardness. This fascinating alloy has also established itself for its good weldability, but above all for its high resistance to corrosion.

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