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Autonomous, creative, dynamic, free and outside the stereotypes is the woman who chooses with a new awareness. VHERNIER continues its dialogue with those who embrace the world with optimism, courage and beauty.

Men and women who are passionate about contemporary art cannot fail to recognise in the design of the Milanese maison the solid background underlying each of its projects.

New shapes, new technologies, excellent manufacturing (exclusively Italian), attention to the environment, female empowerment as a manifesto that becomes the heritage of all genders. In a word, true progress, also in the continuous and necessary research into both costume and style..

Today’s word, for everyone, is to free oneself from all conventions in order to find new ways of interpreting oneself, within which to feel self-confident for real.

VHERNIER Jewels says who we are

The iconic collections created by VHERNIER show their versatility in expressing the character of the wearer; each piece of jewellery catalyzes goals and emotions depending on the moment, the occasion and even the mood.

VHERNIER is the power of clean geometries

It’s the joy and vibrancy of the colours of beautiful gems, kindness as an engine that triggers positive flows

In Vhernier jewellery it is easy to discern a filigree of the history of contemporary art from Jean Arp to Fontana, a knowledge of the highest architectural projects that unite curves, lines and light that together occupy space, with the unexpected reflections that precious stones can give.

All this has piqued the curiosity of those who today can be considered brand ambassadors as well as loyal customers around the world; heterogeneous personalities but with a common denominator: the desire to wear something different, that identifies them, stimulates them and always testifies to their strength.

The sculptural jewels of the Milanese fashion house are crossing borders to be worn by people with strong personalities. Michelle Obama and Jane Fonda, artists such as Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Angelina Jolie, and women of extraordinary irony and talent such as Katy Perry all choose VHERNIER. And in Italy Lilli Gruber also interprets her style to perfection with VHERNIER jewellery.

VHERNIER; the pleasure of sharing one’s identity

VHERNIER retains the objective of transmitting energy and positivity speaks to men and women of modern, indeed future, certainly better times, and does so through the search for the new, the discovery of unique technologies in the processing of metals, elements and stones. VHERNIER aims at versatility by studying forms to be worn at any time using IRRITUAL materials such as ebony, titanium or kogolong.


IThe world of VHERNIER Milan

The CALLA, a timeless object

VHERNIER’s Values – We bet on the Future of all and everyone

Never were the times more complex and never were the challenges more compelling: and so VHERNIER takes its cue from Nature, the earth, water and its fluid movements, and puts at the disposal of its craftsmen, strongly rooted in the Italian goldsmith tradition of Valenza, all the tools necessary to transform the solid into the ethereal, lightness into strength.

The VHERNIER Balloon collection bears witness to this magic craftsmanship in which crystal and diamonds together sing the praises of play, of breezes through an elegant and unmistakable balloon in the act of flying. A hymn to fantasy, but one whose feet are firmly planted in reality.

This is why VHERNIER takes steps to improve our environment, society and the workers who contribute to these creations.
All VHERNIER jewellery has a “TFashion Certification”, the traceability system that makes clear the origin of the various stages of product manufacture.

Respect for and preservation of natural resources also remains a fixed pointVHERNIER uses only the best natural materials and sourcing must always ensure the health and preservation of the ecosystem from which they originate. This applies to ebony as well as to diamonds which come from suppliers who participate in the Kimberley Process which ensures that profits from the stone trade are not used to finance civil wars.

VHERNIER the value of the ESSENTIAL

Vhernier believes that there is immense value in differences: Our society, fortunately, also evolves through bodies and the search for freedom of expression:

“We want to continue to create genderless inclusive jewellery, something that has always existed over the years in the world of Art, which has always been at the forefront of social progress.”

For all these reasons, and for the passion that F.G. Fecarotta Gioielli has always nurtured for those who create unique and world-famous pieces, we have chosen VHERNIER, which encapsulates a history and a world that can inspire.

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