#chantecler cancer fighting bells

Chantecler Bell with Europa Donna Italia in the fight against cancer

A new sound at Chantecler, the tinkling of willpower and scientific progress. Welcome to the Europa Donna Bell, symbol of Joy, Solidarity and the ability to look to the Future!

Costanza Aprea, Vice-President of Chantecler, says: “My siblings Gabriele and Maria Elena and I are proud to collaborate with Europa Donna Italia with La Campanella Rosa Chantecler, a vehicle of hope, health and beauty for all women and those who love them”.

In fact, from the month of October, Chantecler Pink Bell with will be available to witness Chantecler together with Europa Donna Italia in support of women’s rights to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Part of the proceeds of the sales will be donated to support the cause of Europa Donna Italia.

Breast cancer affects over 54,000 women a year, a battle won in most cases thanks to the research we support!

This is how Giorgia Fecarotta announces the presence of the Chantecler Europa Donna Italia Pink Bell.

“We are delighted to have this piece of jewellery in our Boutique and on our online store I would like to remind everyone that in these difficult times for our healthcare system, support for research and treatment in the field of oncology is necessary, or rather ‘vital’.

The ringing of this bell celebrates those who have won this battle and also those who are still fighting it, women and their families who every day look for inner resources to keep going; in this context, therefore, I find the initiative of the historic Capri brand to renounce part of the proceeds that will be donated to such a high-profile cause that truly concerns many citizens to be commendable”.

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